Commercial Clean – 2.5 Gallon, 10 Pack


Environmentally sustainable, toxin-free, people-safe, and pet-safe. River Refresh will keep you safe from hazardous chemicals.

Great for: Kitchen countertops, sinks, toilets, humidifiers, kids or pet accidents, windows and mirrors, and more.



How it works

Step 1

No Scissors Needed

Open the resealable packaging, but DO NOT cut into your River Refresh “River Rocks Pouch” earth-friendly pouch.

Step 2

B.O.Y.B. (Bottle)

Place the uncut “River Rocks Pouch” in your own reusable spray bottle. We do this to reduce plastic waste.

Step 3

Clean with Confidence

Clean your space with toxin-free River Refresh. Your space and the planet are safe from hazardous chemicals.