Our new product "River Rocks" is revolutionizing the way hypochlorus is made and delivered.

What is River Refresh?

River Refresh is a simple, healthy, versatile cleaning solution that is safe - organic, non-toxic, and alcohol free. It eliminates 99.9999% of viruses and bacteria without using harmful chemicals that can cause adverse side effects and it is 80-200% more effective than bleach for eliminating bacteria and viruses.

One of the unique benefits of River Refresh is its versatility. Due to its organic certification, it
can be used in a much broader array of applications than a traditional cleaning product. While surprising, these results have been proven many times over. These uses include:

• Surface cleaning
• "High-touch Points" (Door Knobs, Railings, Strike-plates, Faucets)
• Air Cleaning & Deodorizers
• Home cleaning (Kitchen, Laundry, Bathroom, Windows & Mirrors, Grills)
• Food & Garden
• Hand sanitizers
• Personal care (Cuts & Scrapes, Acne, Eye care, Sore throats)
• Pet care (Wound care, Hotspots, Cleaning and deodorizing litter boxes)

Environmentally Sustainable

On-Site Disinfecting Service

New River Rocks™ Product available

Single Use and 3-Packs Available

Simply drop packet in the appropriate empty sized container and add water!

Three-single use (24oz) packs are available for Home, Pets and Indutrial Use. We also have single use packets available for 24oz bottles and Gallon containers.