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The most effective

Organic cleaner

for pet lovers earth lovers use at schools office use .

The most effective

Organic cleaner

for pet lovers earth lovers use at schools office use .

Earth-Friendly Clean

with real results that are safe.

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A Better Clean through Better Science

Hypo-Chlorous Clean

River Refresh uses mother nature’s most efficient disinfectant – hypochlorous, as our active ingredient. Interestingly, our body’s white blood cells actually produce hypochlorous cells to ward off infections and kill bacteria, while not damaging healthy cells.

When hypochlorous connects to bacteria or viruses it invades the bacterial cell, killing it and eliminating its food source.

How it works

Step 1
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Step 2
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Step 3
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For us, Environmental Sustainability is everything.

Environmentally sustainable, toxin free, people-safe and easy to use. River Refresh improves your cleaning while keeping you safe from hazardous chemicals. Saving you money while keeping your environment healthy and safe.

Cleaners have always come in the same format, with the same chemical warning symbols, but it no longer has to be this way. River Refresh's River Rocks create all of the cleaners, deodorizers and sanitizers for use on all-surfaces in your home or office.

River Refresh meets all cleaning and health standards, and most importantly, eliminates many toxic chemicals you may be currently using.

Our Mission

Our passion is to develop innovative, safe products that clean, sanitize, and disinfect home, office, and retail environments. All while being safe for animals, humans, and the earth.

By developing products that are non-corrosive, non-toxic, and organic – our environmental footprint will be negligible. Continuing our commitment to being a good steward of the environment.

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Real clean – backed by science

River Refresh's active ingrediant (HOCL) is FDA approved, USDA approved, and has an EPA grade of: "hospital-grade".