Organic Deodorizer for Pets

Organic Deodorizer for Pets

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Does your best friend leave an uncomfortable aroma?

Don't put up with that smell! Eliminate odor-causing bacteria at their source without harsh fragarences that just cover it up!
  • Kills the bacteria that causes the odors 
  • No Toxins, Alcohol, Fragrances, Dyes or Parabens
  • Safe for you, your pet, your home and our environment
  • Hypoallergenic

Great Uses: Bedding (yours and theirs!), Litter Boxes, Pet Toys, Furniture, Carpets, and general Pet Areas. 

It's so safe that you can spray while your pet is in the room and it requires no wiping or rinsing off!

Safe and Non-Toxic: Compare our formula to any other competitors to see the difference

While safe on fabrics not all fabric dyes are the same quality. We recommend testing an inconspicous area first to ensure no fading.