What is TCell Technology?

TCell Technology is our tip of the hat to the cells in our body that is the genesis for our products.  Our bodies learned long ago how to neutralize pathogens without damaging the cells they are trying to protect.  River Refresh has harnessed that power and made it available for your home, office and pets. 

How are these solutions different from what I am using now?

Most likely the products you are using currently are effective at killing bacteria but they come at a very high cost.  In order to make claims like kills 99.99% of bacteria they have two options; 1)increase the amount of time the product sits on the bacteria, 2) increase the concentration of the chemicals used to kill the bacteria. 

River Refresh is specially formulated to eliminate bacteria without the need for extended times and without using a concentration that blows past killing bacteria and starts killing your cells.

What does eliminating pathogens have to do with deodorizing?

We have evolved as a species to avoid pathogens.  The most useful tool for us to detect pathogens is our sense of smell.  It is as true today when we catch a whiff of a dirty bathroom as it was when our ancestors smelled when bacteria had taken over their food and water sources.

How is this organic?

The active ingredient in TCell Technology (HOCl) is approved by the National Organic Standards Board for use in Organic Practices.  Although HOCl occurs naturally there is now way to extract the substance into a usable solution.  

Why am I just now hearing about this?

Although we have known about TCell Technology for over 150 years, we haven't been able to create a version that could be bottled for use without reverting back to component parts without using a stabilizer.  The most effective being cyanide and you really don't want cyanide in your cleaning products.  Thanks to advancement in technology, we can now make a shelf stable version of the same compound your body uses to neutralize pathogens without ANY additives. It is as close to the process your immune system uses as possible.